We all enjoyed everything...all delicious and  

                                               beautifully presented.

My clients are who keep my business thriving and priority is to keep up with feedback from them.  I appreciate all reviews, whether it be good or bad, as I can only grow my business further with real comments from those who are invested in my service.  Below are some testimonials I have taken over the years:

Simple Earth Cuisine has made many meals on and off for Jackie’s family over the past two years including a 2012 new year’s eve celebration for the entire family. 

Lisa, we want you to move in with us! Every meal we've ever had the pleasure to enjoy has become a favorite. My husband and I are passionate about our healthy food choices (we follow the traditions recommended by the Weston A. Price Foundation) -- so there is no other person we'd trust with preparing food traditionally and with impeccable care towards high-quality organic grass-fed ingredients. My sisters just gave us the fantastic birthday gift of two meals and a yummy chocolate cake with avocado-maple chocolate frosting (wow!).  The Beef Stew and the Portuguese Shrimp and Chorizo were beyond delicious! You are a chef with a true gift.

Anne and her family celebrate kosher shabbat every Friday where they can enjoy time with family and friends for the festive few days.  Since Anne works full time in her own business, she looks to Simple Earth Cuisine to relieve the stress of preparing the celebratory meals:

“We all enjoyed everything...all delicious and beautifully presented.  This week had many wonderful dishes!   Family favorites include that cranberry oat crunch, the chickpea with carrots and broccoli salad and beets and lentils salad (i think the legumes/beans are more popular in my family when mixed with veggies, meat or grain FYI), mashed sweet potato salad, the cabbage soup, the indian kheema, squash pumpkin seed salad, the roasted chicken and sauce and that jasmine rice dish....all totally yummy.  The thai eggplant soup was also good, i did not taste the london broil but all said it was good.  Thanks again for preparing such wonderful food!!”

Dr. Craig and Dr. Chrissy were new parents to a beautiful baby boy. Here is their testimonial:

“My wife and I used Simple Earth Cuisine’s service just after our first child was born.  I have know Lisa for a few months and thought that it would be a good idea to utilize her services to help us accommodate to having the baby at home.  She showed up on time, prepared and ready to work.  She provided us with meals that were healthy, organic and quick to eat.  The food was incredible and the portion sizes were more than generous.  We are so grateful that Simple Earth Cuisine was able to help us spend more time with our newborn and less time worrying about meals and preparation.  Lisa is a true professional and a very talented chef.  We highly recommend her and her services to anyone and everyone!”

Melissa and her husband have three children all under the age of three.  They were given a gift of “a couple nights off” for the holidays and had this to say:


I just wanted to let you know that all 3 meals have been FANTASTIC!!  I don't even know which is my favorite (although I'm thinking the lamb saag).  The sample menu you left sounds even better, and I believe my mother-in-law is going to gift us another couple meals.  I'll let you know.

Thanks again.


Mike and Robin decided it was time to have a holiday dinner party and invited their closest friends.  To make the evening extra special, they hired Simple Earth Cuisine:

Everything was so wonderful and everyone enjoyed everything!  It really exceeded our expectations and we appreciate all your planning and perfect execution.

Isis was a challenging client as she followed a very specific set of dietary rules.  She was extremely appreciative of the service as she knew if she did not cook the meals herself, she could not eat.  When her schedule became booked, she turned to my service for help.  This is her replies to my yearly feedback questionnaire:

On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the highest, how would you rate the service Simple Earth Cuisine provided for you and your family:


What was the best thing you or any family members enjoyed about the service?

     The food was cooked at my home and everything was neat and organized.  The food was delicious and healthy and was specific for my dietary needs.

What could have been changed to make the service better?

  When an ingredient originally included in the menu is not available, it is good to ask if the substitute ingredient is included in my diet. 

Would you recommend Simple Earth Cuisine to others?

    Absolutely.  I have already recommended it to several people.

Any other feedback that you would like to mention?

   I love the food and Stan and my oldest son did too!  I especially enjoyed the root vegetables and the Chinese veggies over millet.  And I appreciate how organized and efficient you were with the cooking.

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