Standard Weekly Service for Everyday:

$380 per cook-date + cost of groceries (Five meals)

$330 per cook-date + cost of groceries (Four meals)

$280 per cook-date + cost of groceries (Three meals)

$230 per cook-date + cost of groceries (Two meals)

Includes 2 to 5 meals with appropriate side dishes that are portioned for one to four people.  Additional portions, salads, desserts and extra sides are $20 each plus the cost of groceries.  There is a container fee which is an additional one time fee (see below).

Container fee:

Glass containers: One time fee - below -

$150 for Five meals

$120 for Four meals

$100 for Three meals

$80 for Two meals

These are recommended for all clients as they can be for single and multiple portion meals.  Customers on an extended service agreement may benefit from these types of containers the most.  They are freezable, oven-proof, microwavable, dishwasher safe and environmentally friendly as they rarely need to be replaced.

Plastic Containers:  Ongoing cost as long as service continues.

Reimbursement of cost each time new weekly containers are purchased.

These containers may be used again, however they lose their life quickly and may not be appropriately sized for the menu being prepared.  Therefore, they will need to be replaced on a regular basis.  They are freezable and dishwasher safe (top shelf only).  I do not recommend using them in the microwave.  These containers do not go in the oven.  When the dish is to be heated, it should be removed from the container and placed in an oven-proof dish or casserole that you provide.

All containers, once purchased, are yours to keep.

Simple Earth Plated Gatherings:

2 to 10 people

Base price = $400 for 2-4 people (chef and groceries included)

Each additional person = $100 per person (this includes groceries)

Assistant/Server = $25 per hour with a five hour minimum.

Four course, plated gatherings are prepared 2 hours in advance of the guests arrival and served to you by Chef Lisa and/or the aide of an Assistant/Server (Assistant/Server will be necessary for 5 or more people).


Lecture only = $65 per hour

Lecture and cooking demo = $65 per hour + groceries

Most popular topics may include cooking with the seasons, healthy cooking tips, substitutions and techniques or child friendly meals the whole family will love.  Lectures may be customized for your particular group needs.

Cooking Classes:

From 1 to 8 people per class (depending on the size of the kitchen)

Classes run 3 to 3 1/2 hours

Base price = $380 for 2 people (includes groceries)

$85 for each additional person

Classes always include learning knife skills and kitchen safety.  Introductory recipes that are simple, healthful and delicious or advanced cooking classes which include learning a particular cuisine or cooking skill are designed to the needs of each client.  All requests will be considered.  You will learn using your own equipment (knives, pots, pans and cutting boards), or the tools will be provided. 


"A Few Nights Off" = $350 groceries included*

"A Romantic Dinner For Two" = $400 groceries included

"Cooking Lesson"  = $380 groceries included*

Gift pricing is all-inclusive.  Payment is required upon purchase of the gift and the reciever has one year from issue date to claim their gift.  Gift packets may be mailed to purchaser or delivered in person to the gift receiver, by Chef Lisa (if in a 10 mile radius within service area).  

*A few nights off is for two meals, portioned for two to four.  The cooking lesson is for 1-2 people - additional grocery charges for 4 people or more and $50 per additional person.


Initial consultation and client/chef assessment, menu research and planning, food shopping, meal preparation, meal portioning, packaging, storing, heating instruction and clean up.


The cooking fee, grocery fee and container fee are pre-paid.  The grocery fee is estimated from the menu selected and is approximate.  Overcharges will be deducted from next cook-date fee.  Undercharges will be billed.


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